More than 10 minutes of Blair Witch gameplay revealed, struggles with the scares

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When Blair Witch was revealed during Microsoft’s Xbox E3 press conference we got a fairly cryptic look at what’s in store. The horror adventure game is out in just in a month’s time though, so we’ve now been given a look at what we can expect from a gameplay perspective. Bloober Team has built up a reputation for horror takes on walking sims after the likes of Layers of Fear and Observer, but Blair Witch appears to have more active gameplay elements, puzzles, and even combat.

We’ve got the crucial confirmation you can pet the dog, Bullet, which is top-notch news. Don’t kill Bullet, Bloober Team, or there’ll be hell to pay. He seems pretty integral to Bair Witch’s gameplay though, to be honest, as he can be given commands such as digging up corpses, alerting you to monsters, sniffing out clues and the like. Building up your relationship with Bullet will also have tangible benefits, becoming a more effective partner if he’s also your best mate.

It all looks a bit run-of-the-mill compared to the reveal trailer, to be honest, although the constant nattering in this video probably distracted hugely from the horror elements. We’d expect a Blair Witch game to be absolutely pants-wetting but perhaps it’s all very different once you actually get hands-on.

Blair Witch is coming to PC and Xbox One on August 30th, and it’s included in Xbox Game Pass on both systems so it should be nice and cheap to play if you fancy giving it a shot.