Up For Debate – Who’s the best bad guy to shoot in your FPS? Nazis, Zombies, Aliens, Dinos..

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Pondering, as I so often do, about all the visceral carnage in games like Wolfenstein Youngblood I got to thinking, who in a game do I, and of course you guys, most enjoy taking down when playing your games?

First off, Nazis are a clear and obvious choice. Because I feel like I am cleansing the world of something obviously wrong. I cant help but think that if you took your eyes off them for a moment then they may hurt your dear old grandma, for something as daft as having the “wrong” name. So they have to go.

But then I started thinking about how games with swarming groups of rotten Zombies are great to smash through. Standing in the cliched shopping mall, at the top of an escalator, looking down at the gathering zombie flesh pile, who are trying to work their way up to me. Bouncing comically off one another in their mindless pursuit for my beautiful brains. And I know, a well placed shotgun shell to the head would send the Undead packing, until the next one lumbered into position, always threatening to overwhelm me once I run out of shells.

Oh and then there are the dinosaurs. While obviously they are often portrayed as dangerous animals in a lot of games, my only real issue with them is a game normally puts me into a position where it is me or them and they are normally equipped with more death dealing tools than I am, like their big teeth and massive crushing bodies. And they often want to have me as a snack, which I find a little demeaning. Come on there are literally tonnes of other giant creatures they could eat, rather than little me. So while they are not doing it out of any malice it can still be quite a laugh to bring down a giant T-Rex who seems to be hell bent on using me as a tooth pick.

But then dinosaurs have their redeeming feature that I always prefer games where I can ride around on the backs of these powerful extinct creatures. So for that reason they are probably my least favourite to take down from this list.

Oh and what about those invading aliens? Thinking they can come here and mistreat our planet. It could be individual hunter style aliens, something like the famous Predator or perhaps swarms of aliens invading our planet in a tide of death dealing savagery, all of these are great fun to take down.

And sure, it can really depend on the genre of game as to what makes for the better enemy. I am mainly thinking about which First Person Shooter bad guys are normally most fun to destroy, but I would love to hear your thoughts by genre, if they differ for some reason.

Also cast your vote in the poll below as well based on my few gaming bad guy suggestions and let us know which other game bad guys are missing from my musings.