PS4 exclusive Concrete Genie to launch in October – New trailer

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Sony’s had a quiet few months in terms of exclusives but they’re jumping back in the saddle this October with the arrival of Concrete Genie, a curious blend of third-person action-adventuring with the ability to pain monsters into the existence.

Developed by PixelOpus, Sony has confirmed the PS4 exclusive will be coming to its console on October 8th. In it, you play as Ash, a boy who’s got his mitts on a magical paintbrush which can be used to restore the world to its former glory. The story itself is centred around the theme of bullying. Ne’er-do-wells are causing trouble around the area Ash has grown up in and he’s retreating into this world of creativity in an effort to express himself.

There’s certainly an air of mystery still surrounding Concrete Genie, although the gameplay we’ve seen so far points towards a fairly rudimentary platformer anchored around this painting mechanic. Ash can paint just about anything, while collectibles will come in the form of different paintbrushes and sketches, opening the door to different styles.

Players can paint using the built-in gyro features of the DualShock 4 gamepad. Now there’s a feature we don’t see used very often. Rather than just slap on pre-made designs though, players can add their own flourishes and make a scene their own. Eventually, you’ll build up your own menagerie of creatures and flora you’ve designed yourself, imprinting your own stamp on the world. 

Concrete Genie doesn’t look like a AAA blockbuster by any stretch of the imagination, although it definitely does call to mind Sony’s more experimental approach seen late in the PS3’s lifespan. If you’re on the fence then it is launching with a budget price point of $29.99 USD / €29.99 / £24.99 and will be out on October 9th.