Control’s new story trailer introduces a mysterious mad man and welcomes ‘The Hiss’

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We’re just about to tip-toe into August, meaning it’ll be Control’s launch month. Control is comfortably one of the biggest new game launches of the coming month, with all signs pointing toward Remedy get its brand of physics-manipulating third-person shooter action back on track after the quagmire of dullness that was Quantum Break.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, Remedy has unveiled a new story trailer for Control, introducing us to the all-encompassing Hiss, a malevolent paranormal force which has escaped into the Bureau of Control and is consuming all in its path. 

Crucially, this story trailer introduces us to an all-new character, a mysterious man who’s telling our heroine Jesse Faden about a dream he had. Now, ordinarily, whenever anyone starts to tell you about their dreams it’s time to internally switch off and have a doze, but it seems this madman is intrinsically linked with the arrival of the Hiss.

Control is out on August 27th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, via the Epic Games Store. The system specs are out in the wild and Control is now the No. 1 most demanding game on PC.