Id Software unleash a full hour of Doom Eternal gameplay pulled from QuakeCon 2019

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After a lot of jibbering jabbering at QuakeCon, we finally got what we’ve all been waiting for – a new in-depth look at the upcoming Doom Eternal. QuakeCon took place this weekend just gone in Texas and London, providing attendees with the chance to go hands-on with the Doom Slayer’s new adventure. 

We got a smidgen of new multiplayer footage, primarily Doom Eternal’s BattleMode, but the real star of the show has been Bethesda finally unleashing a solid hour of single-player gameplay.

It’s probably going to pain a few of you to realise this but yes, this gameplay footage has been captured from controller gameplay. It is creative director Huge Martin in the driving seat though, so at least he knows exactly what’s going on. Still, it’s a much slower pace than mouse and keyboard gameplay as a result.

Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin do also explain a little about the UI design. If you’ve played Doom (2016) you’ll be aware the HUD looks completely different. Id Software has gone for a very garish colour-coded design but they believe this is best for highlighting to players exactly what info they need at any given point.

For example, the weapon wheel is coded from red to green. Pull up the weapon wheel and you can instantly use this to identify which weapons have plenty of ammo and which are running low.

Anyway, you can see it all for yourself in the footage below.

And, for those who fancy giving the multiplayer in Doom Eternal a shot, we also got a further look at Battlemode. This 2v1 multiplayer mode borrows heavily from fighting games, pitting two player-controlled demons against a locked and loaded Doom Slayer over three rounds.

We’re not totally sold on the concept yet. Being the Doom Slayer appears to be the superior option, yet players will be locked to demons for 2/3’s of their matches. Who knows though, perhaps it’s a whole lot more fun in reality than it looks. Id Software definitely aren’t fools; they know great FPS gameplay and they’re developing Doom Eternal’s multiplayer in-house this time. 

Time stamps seem to break when I put them here so you’ll want to head to around 7m 40s to see the Battlemode gameplay.


Doom Eternal is ripping and tearing its way to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 22nd. There’s no system requirements news just yet, sadly, but if it’s anything like Doom (2016) then it should run smoother than a chainsaw through butter.