AMD pushes Ryzen 3000 driver update after Destiny 2 launch issues and high voltages

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For that small niche of people still playing Destiny 2 and who also happen to own one of AMD’s lovely new Ryzen 3000 series processors, the arrival of their CPU meant they couldn’t even boot Destiny 2 at all.

The new processors and chipsets have arrived with a fair few teething issues related to incorrect throttling, games being unable to start, and incorrect readouts in monitoring utilities. In the case of Destiny 2, it’s caused just about all of these issues. It’s believed the problem can affect multiple pieces of software, especially those deemed ‘low CPU load’.

AMD has now pushed out a new chipset driver update with a beta workaround targeted towards Destiny 2 launch issues. Anyone encountering issues just needs to grab the chipset driver 1.07.29. This update includes a revised AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan which should help resolve the issue.

“Our analysis indicates that certain pieces of popular software, which are widely considered to be “low CPU load” applications, frequently make indirect requests for the highest performance and power state from the processor,” explains AMD’s Robert Hallock. 

“Third-Gen Ryzen is designed to be extremely responsive to requests for higher performance, and this has led to some of the anomalous behavior observed with high voltages and clock speeds in monitoring utilities.  Our solution is to adjust the AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan to address these cases under light loads, without changing the processor’s ability to respond to sustained workloads like games and content creation.”

As a result of these issues, AMD Ryzen Master has now also been updated to Version and includes new voltage and temperature reporting measures which should, hopefully, provide more accurate readings of CPU behaviour.

Both the latest chipset driver and the updated Ryzen Master software can be downloaded from here.