The Surge 2’s impressive new trailer urges you to overcome, upgrade and survive

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Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have recently dropped a new trailer for The Surge 2. ‘Overcome. Upgrade. Survive.’, this trailer is a fairly standard overview of what’s in store from the sci-fi Souls-like sequel. We get treated to a whole bunch of new environments, enemy types, and one or two boss battles thrown into the mix as well.

It actually looks pretty sick, to be honest. The original had a solid core but was a fairly dull trudge through endless warehouses. The Surge 2 appears to be a far grander adventure through some genuinely varied environments. Deck13 has managed to discover a colour palette that’s not entirely composed of browns and greys.

The Surge 2 definitely appears to be a quiet evolution for Deck 13. They’ve been making great progress from Lords of the Fallen through to The Surge and now this, creeping steadily closer to the high bar which FromSoft has set with the Souls franchise.

The Surge 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 24th. Sadly we haven’t got any system requirements to sink our teeth into just yet but we can’t be far away from finding out. We’re expecting a fairly steep jump up from the original based on the improved visuals and much larger environments.