F1 2019 becomes first game to support both AMD FidelityFX and Nvidia DLSS

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Codemasters has just patched F1 2019 with both Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) and AMD FidelityFX support, making it the first such game to support both. It also makes F1 2019 the first game to support FidelityFX, a new technology unleashed alongside the recent launch of the Radeon RX 5700 series 7nm Navi GPUs.

In terms of the general gist of what they achieve, both Nvidia DLSS and AMD FidelityFX are similar products. DLSS is exclusive to GeForce RTX graphics cards and it’s a combination of Super Sampling (rendering a game above your native monitor resolution, reducing aliasing) and Deep Learning. The deep learning part essentially requires Nvidia to repeatedly run F1 2019 in its data centres, better understanding which pixels are the priority and which aren’t. It’s a shortcut to less expensive super sampling, although it can muddy image quality somewhat.

AMD FidelityFX operates through similar methods. It’s an open-source toolkit which combines Contrast-Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) with Luma Preserving Mapping (LPM). It’s smartly collating multiple effects into fewer shader passes, freeing up GPU resources. This allows a lower-resolution image to be scaled up to a higher resolution without a huge performance hit. As with Nvidia DLSS  though, FidelityFX will likely introduce some visual artifacting.

Anyway, both of these technologies have now been added to F1 2019 with its latest 1.07 patch. Considering the weakest RTX graphics card (GeForce RTX 2060) can already hit 51 fps at 4K/Ultra, it feels a bit superfluous to add this option for Nvidia owners but hey, it might see some usage for those who want to ensure zero dips below 60fps.

If you’re an AMD user then you’ll need a Navi RX 5700 series GPU to take advantage of FidelityFX but the end result should be improved image quality without a hefty performance hit.

F1 2019 1.07 Patch Notes

League AI difficulty now goes up to 110 F2 cars will no longer start sprint races or one-shot qualifying with cold tyres F1 setups can no longer be applied to F2 cars Grid penalties now apply correctly after taking new parts out-with the initial allocation between qualifying and race France pitlane has been updated for the 2019 season Cars are now less cautious of unsafe releases in the pitlane Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and AMD FidelityFX Upscaling and FidelityFX Sharpening are now available as Anti-Aliasing options on applicable devices HDR is now selectable when running in DX12 on PC Report codes are now shown on the pause menu in all game modes Stopped players on Xbox One from being able to invite to Ranked sessions by using Party Chat Reduced GPU usage in the front end F2 wet tyres will now have a longer life Helicopters are no longer flying at increased speeds Various other fixes and stability improvements