Sony removes Death Stranding from its list of PS4 exclusives – Possible PC version inbound?

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It’s one of the industry’s worst kept secrets that Death Stranding won’t only be launching on PlayStation 4, but if you want further evidence then look no further than Sony’s own hosted list of exclusive titles – Death Stranding is nowhere to be seen.

Originally spotted by ResetEra user ‘vestan’, Sony has removed references to Death Stranding as a PS4 exclusive from its website. Every other exclusive is still listed there, from Days Gone to Dead Nation and even From Software’s Deracine. Death Stranding though? It’s been removed.

And, it doesn’t look as if this change happened too long ago either. An image of the site captured from the ever-useful Wayback Machine shows Death Stranding was listed as a PS4 exclusive on May 26th.

The messaging around this whole thing has been odd from the start. When Kojima first opened his Kojima Productions studio and announced the partnership with Sony, it was literally confirmed the then-unannounced title would be coming to PC after PS4. Since then, Sony has been parading Death Stranding around as PS4 exclusive.

We would imagine, what with Kojima using Guerrilla Games’ Decima game engine (the one used for Horizon: Zero Dawn), that Sony agreed Kojima could use the engine provided Death Stranding is a PS4 console exclusive. That would mean Death Stranding couldn’t launch on any other games console but it could come to PC.

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again – Death Stranding coming to PC is a matter of when not if. KojiPro is currently full steam ahead on the PS4 version, due to launch November 8th, and only then can attention turn to a potential PC version. Judging from the shonky frame rate in the latest trailer, we’d certainly be keen to get it on PC where you can enjoy higher frame rates and stronger high-resolution support.

Now we’ve just got to hope it’s not an Epic Games Store exclusive as I don’t think I can take the months of moaning.