Total War Saga: Troy trademarked by Creative Assembly, Trojan War inbound

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With Total War: Three Kingdoms out the door and lighting up the charts, Creative Assembly is already turning its attention to what’s in store next for its historical grand strategy series. Well, a new trademark filed by CA with the UK Intellectual Property Office appears to have given the game it.

Creative Assembly has filed a listing for the Total War Saga: Troy IP, a continuation of the smaller-scale, narrower focus seen with 2018’s Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia.

The Total War Saga games are deemed spin-offs from the main franchise, keying on key pivotal moments throughout history. Rather than hundreds or even thousands of years, we’re talking months or decades. They’re designed to be tight, geographically speaking, and allows Creative Assembly to tap into power keg moments which don’t necessarily justify the full historical package.

We’ve precious little to go on aside from the name, although the setting itself is pretty much self-explanatory from the title. In legend, Troy was a Bronze Age city attacked during the Trojan War. At the time it was in the north-west of Asia Minor, in an area which we now know as Turkey. There’s some historical basis to Troy, although much of what we think of it these days comes from Homer’s ‘Iliad’. You know, Helen, Queen of Sparta, the Trojan Horse, Achilles, Hector, Menelaus, and all that jazz.

At this stage, we don’t know whether Creative Assembly is going with a historical focus of delving head-first into Greek mythology. It would be quite neat if they did the latter as there’s plenty of scope to tie into Three Kindoms’ Romance hero system. Imagine slinging Achilles into battle against an army of Trojan warriors.

CA confirmed it was working on a new Total War Saga game back in March. Following this trademark filing, we’d guess we’re not all that far out from finding out just what’s in store.