THQ Nordic confirms Saints Row 5 is in development, Dambuster now working on Dead Island 2

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THQ Nordic has published its latest financial report for investors, and there are two or three very interesting tidbits tucked within it. First and foremost, Volition is developing a brand new Saints Row game. It’s not a spin-off like Agents of Mayhem either, so we’re very much expecting this new title to be Saints Row 5. 

According to THQ Nordic, Volition is “deep in development” of the new Saints Row game. Volition hasn’t released a new game since Agents of Mayhem in August 2017 so they’re likely around two years into the development of Saints Row 5. Typical AA games development schedules are roughly three years, pointing towards a 2020 launch window for the new Saints Row.

Secondly, THQ Nordic also had a little more to share on the troubled development of Dead Island 2. This game is absolutely in development hell, it would seem. Originally announced at E3 2014, it’s been AWOL for five years, switching developer from Yagar to Sumo Digital. 

THQ Nordic has now confirmed Dead Island 2’s development duties have been handed over to Dambuster Studios, the team behind Homefront: The Revolution. Third time’s a charm. Seriously though, Dead Island has been well and truly usurped by Dying Light these days, is THQ Nordic just falling into the sunk cost trap?

Anyway, moving on, the final bit of interesting info to come out of THQ Nordic’s fiscal report is a tiny nugget of info on the elusive Timesplitters project. Having acquired the Timesplitters IP last year, THQ Nordic has now assigned one of the series’ chief creative minds, Steve Ellis, to “help plot the future course for this franchise.”

Progress is genuinely happening then with some of THQ Nordic’s biggest franchise. Saints Row isn’t my cup of tea but I’m definitely keen to see how Timesplitters is shaping up, and I’d just love to know the behind-the-scenes story of Dead Island 2’s disastrous development.