Steam adds new feature to let you tag games you’ve already played on other platforms

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In a nice nod to those of us who are occasionally unfaithful to our beloved PCs, Valve has pushed a new change for Steam which allows users to mark games they’ve already played on other platforms.

“We shipped another change based on feedback and player requests,” wrote Alden Kroll, product designer at Valve. “The plan is to feed the new ‘played on other platforms’ data into new recommendation engines.”

Through the current system, you can assign various options to games through either their Steam game page or the Steam Discovery Queue. Each can either be wishlisted, followed, or ignored. Valve then uses this data to help understand which games to surface for you going forward.

Complications arise when you come along a beloved game in your discovery queue which you’ve already played on a console. There’s no point wishlisting it for most people as you’ve already played it, and ignoring the game and removing it from your recommendations affects which future recommendations are given to you. Basically, if you tell Steam to ignore a game you played and loved already on PS4, you were telling Steam you don’t like that game. 

Under the new system, Ignore has been split into two options – ‘Ignore This’ and ‘Played on Another Platform’. ‘Ignore This’ hides the game from your storefront, ignores any notifications, and it won’t use this game to generate other recommendations. ‘Played on Another Platform’ hides the game from your storefront yet it will still be used to generate further recommendations.

It’s a small but simple change that should prove really helpful to folks who split their gaming across multiple systems.