4A Games is working on a sequel to Metro Exodus, Metro author Glukhovsky is on-board

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I know some of you folks can’t get enough of wiping fog off your gas mask so here’s some good news – 4A Games is working on an all-new title in the Metro series.

THQ Nordic confirmed as much during an earnings report this week, revealing the venerated Ukrainian FPS developer will be continuing the series following the launch of Metro Exodus earlier this year.

The one and only Dmitry Glukhovsky, author of the Metro novels, has also confirmed via Instagram that he’ll be personally working on the story for Metro 4. “The Metro gaming series will be continued. Working on the story,” said Glukhovsky.

Metro Exodus really didn’t deliver for me in terms of building out the franchise. It looked for all the world like a major evolution from Last Light but the final product was a little bit haphazard, messy with uneven pacing. It didn’t even stick to the pseudo-open-world billing either, quickly deteriorating into yet another linear corridor shooter by the back half. I would hope 4A Games has learned a few lessons there, although by the sounds of it Metro Exodus enjoyed some considerable success, even on PC where it arrived as an Epic Games Store exclusive. 

In the meantime though, Metro Exodus is still set to get a season pass worth of new content in the coming months. The Metro Exodus Expansion Pass includes access to two expansions – The Two Colonels (Summer 2019) and Sam’s Story (Early 2020). Microsoft has said we can expect Metro news at Gamescom so look out for your first peek at The Two Colonels then.