King’s Bounty 2 announced- Turn-based tactics with all-new third-person questing

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In a nice little surprise, King’s Bounty is back. The return of a PC gaming classic, King’s Bounty II ushers in turn-based fantasy tactics blended with an immersive role-playing experience. 

We’ve come along from old DOS days of King’s Bounty and this, the first-ever numbered sequel in the series, drastically revamps gameplay. King’s Bounty 2 is now a full-blown third-person, non-linear open-world adventure in which players can explore the realm as one of three heroes, each with a unique story.

The turn-based, top-down tactical battles will still be present and correct, of course, but now supplementing by third-person questing, exploring, and chatting to the inhabitants of the vast lands of Antara.

King’s Bounty 2 is being developed and published by 1C Entertainment, who are promising diverse battlefields based upon the environment you’re actually exploring, in-depth character development systems, tactical depth, and unique squads as players build an army of assorted humans, elves, trolls, and other fantastical creatures.

1C Entertainment has said we can expect to see King’s Bounty II launch at some point in 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.