Get the lowdown on Doom Eternal’s Battlemode with a lengthy overview trailer

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Id Software and Bethesda have dropped a new trailer for Doom Eternal, this time delving deep into its new Battlemode with a multiplayer overview.

Our approach to Doom Eternal’s multiplayer Battlemode is about the same as basil flavoured sorbet. It sounds awful but who knows, maybe it will actually end up working. Rather than deliver the no-frills multiplayer arena shooter we’ve been wanting since Doom (2016), Battlemode draws inspiration from fighting games for its round-based 2 v 1 multiplayer.

It basically takes everything we love about Doom’s fast, frenetic gunplay and throws it out the window. It’s two demons versus a fully-loaded Doom Slayer. There are a total of five playable demons at launch, each with unique skills and characteristics, although they seem universally slow-paced. Further maps and modes will be coming after Doom Eternal’s launch and Bethesda has promised they’ll all be free.

There’s definitely a great tactical element, particularly in terms of the pair of demons teaming up to drop traps and hazards in an effort to guide the Doom Slayer around the map. 

“Play as either a fully loaded DOOM Slayer, or on a team of two player-controlled demons,” explains Bethesda. “The Slayer and the demons’ objective may be the same – destroy the other side – but their playstyles are entirely different. Which side will reign victorious?”

Doom Eternal comes to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia on August 14th.