Gamescom 2019: Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign welcomes back an old gem

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign
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Exactly as promised, THQ Nordic has announced Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, its first-ever foray into grand strategy. Heading to PC in 2020, Knights of Honor 2 is a real-time medieval strategy title that THQ claims has immense depth while offering unparalleled approachability. 

Knights of Honor is quite a deep cut for even the industrious THQ Nordic to get involved with. The original came out in 2004 (pre-Steam) and still isn’t even available on digital platforms to this day. It’s not a name with much cultural cache so it’s certainly interesting to see THQ Nordic opt for a numbered sequel. That said, reviews were generally positive for Knights of Honor back in the day, laying the groundwork for modern strategy at around the same time as Paradox Interactive was first arriving on the scene. We all know how that particular story has ended.

If there’s one criticism to be laid at the feet of Paradox though it’s that its games can be incredibly intimidating to newbies, to the point where a lot of folks are put off entirely. If Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign can address these issues then THQ Nordic and Black Sea Games could certainly carve out a corner for themselves.

Knights of Honor 2 looks to be your textbook grand strategy with all the religious, diplomatic, and technological trimmings, albeit with full-blown RTS battles for when the diplomatic solution falls apart. 

It should basically be a war crime tried at The Hague for unveiling a game without any gameplay footage but, fear not, the Steam store page of Knights of Honor 2 does have a brief gameplay trailer. It’s not on YouTube sadly but you can watch it for yourself here.

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign is coming to PC at some point in 2020.