Gamescom 2019: Novalogic’s classic Comanche rebooted… as a team-based online shooter

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Wahey, classic PC gaming franchise Comanche is back! But, er, be warned it’s going in a very different direction than series veterans were perhaps expecting. Comanche (2020) is a reboot of the classic Comanche helicopter action series,  this time shifting the focus to team-based online multiplayer shooting. I think I just heard a yelp of pain at the back there, are you alright?

In a nutshell, Comanche these days takes the form of a team-based deathmatch. Players choose from an array of Comanche attack helicopters and drone configurations before heading out for sci-fi tinged helicopter dog-fights in the skies. 

It’s a far cry from Novalogic’s older Comanche titles and kind of just smacks of using the IP for brand recognition rather than as a base to build a game off. For those who do remember the Comanche franchise though, news of it being an online shooter probably is probably welcomed with a hellfire missile rather than a friendly hug.

Comanche is heading to Steam Early Access in Q1 2020 with a full launch planned later in the year.