Nvidia CEO – You’d be crazy buying a new graphics card without raytracing support

An interesting remark from Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang ha perked a few ears during a recently Q2 2020 earnings call. Huang bigged up the success of the GeForce RTX 20 Super series launch, suggesting anybody buying a graphics card right now would be “crazy” not to buy a video card capable of raytracing.

“Super is off to a super start,” said Haung, according to transcripts from Yahoo Finance. “At this point, it’s a forgone conclusion that [if you’re]  going to buy a new graphics card and it’s going to last through two years, three years, four years, to not have ray tracing is just crazy.

“In terms of ray tracing content, it just keeps coming out and  between the performance of Super and the fact that it has ray tracing hardware, it’s going to be super well-positioned for through all of next year.”

Naturally, Jensen and his cohorts at Nvidia have a mighty keen interest in making sure you choose GeForce RTX when you pick up your next graphics card. It’s the unique selling point which makes the entire RTX range tick, a graphical endeavor which just isn’t possible on AMD Radeon hardware right now. 

But, incidentally, Jensen Huang has also quietly thrown Nvidia’s entire GeForce RTX 16 series headlong into oncoming traffic. In one fell swoop, he’s told us anyone buying one of their own GeForce GTX 1660 Ti’s is pretty much unhinged, destined for Bedlam. 

For Nvidia, it would appear the focus is very much on the higher margins which can be achieved with its RTX graphics cards. On that front, and despite disappointing fiscal results, Huang has said the Super series is providing a real boost to Nvidia’s prospects. 

“Because the entire ecosystem and all of our execution engines are so primed, we were able to ship a fair number through the channel,” explained Huang. “And so, and yet if you do, spot checks all around the world. They are sold out almost everywhere. And the pricing in the spot market is drifting higher than MSRP — that just tells you something about demand. And so that’s, that’s really exciting as Super is off to a super start.”

What do you reckon then, is a raytracing GPU a necessity if you want to have any hope of future-proofing your system? Or is it just a gimmick that’s a long way from becoming standard? Let us know what you think of Jensen’s comments below!