Gearbox teases major Homeworld announcement at PAX next week, could it be Homeworld 3?

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The official Homeworld Twitter account has sprung into life. After radio silence for almost a year, the Homeworld account simply said “Incoming Transmission”. Oh boy, this could be it, the return of an all-time strategy great.

Now, before you go and get your hopes up for some sensational Gamescom announcement of Homeworld 3, you’ve got a few more days to wait. Gearbox has said a special announcement will be taking place at PAX West next week. They seem to absolutely love making announcements at PAX events so this comes as little surprise.

“Celebrate 20 years of Homeworld with a special announcement on August 30th during the Gearbox Main Theater Show at 1:30pm PT from PAX West!” wrote Gearbox in a Tweet.

We’ve also got the briefest of teaser videos, although they’re really not giving much away with this one.

And, if you’re new to Homeworld and wondering what the fuss is all about, here’s a look at the sublime Homeworld 2 remaster in action. 

Now it’s just time to guess what the announcement is going to be. Homeworld 3 is the obvious crowd-pleaser, it’s been 16 years since Homeworld 2 graced us with its glorious 3D space strategy. The left-field option though would be Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, a thoroughly under-rated traditional ground-based RTS which was Tiberian Sun with most of the base-building stripped away.