Frontier demos Planet Zoo’s SP campaign, confirms players can trade animals online

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Planet Zoo was front and centre of Frontier’s showcase at Gamescom this year. The upcoming zoo management simulator is the successor to the humongously popular Planet Coaster, and players were told they’ve got their first chance to go hands-on with Planet Zoo during an early access beta from September 24th to October 8th. You will need to pre-order Planet Zoo in order to gain access though, which is a bit of a roadblock.

That said, it’s really not too long until Planet Zoo’s November 5th launch on Steam either, and Frontier has been sharing some videos demonstrating what’s in store from Planet Zoo’s single-player campaign.

Managing a zoo arguably lacks the thrills, chunder, and in-your-face style of running a theme park but Frontier Developments definitely looks as if it’s successfully channelling the strongest elements of both Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution. Planet Zoo’s structure bears more resemblance to the latter rather than the former but, thankfully, it looks as if Frontier are going all-in on the customisation and management systems which were so sorely missing in Jurassic World.

Would-be zoo owners will have total control over every facet of the facility, designing enclosures specifically designed for each species. All your guests need to have a great view of your animals, yet your orangutans also need somewhere they go and get away from it all. Look after your animals and they’ll be healthier and happier, making for better entertainment for visitors and ensuring you’ve got good stock for breeding and conservation programmes. 

In a neat little twist, players will be encouraged to widen the genetic pool in their zoos and prevent too much inbreeding. You can actually ship out your animals to other players’ zoos, trading animals with one another to ensure genetic diversity.

Planet Zoo comes to PC via Steam from November 5th.