Smash hit competitive bounty hunting game Hunt: Showdown launches out of Early Access

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Hunt: Showdown has now launched after a very successful run in Steam’s Early Access program. Crytek’s long-awaited return to form pits solos, duos, or trios of players against one another deep within the Louisiana swamps. The players aren’t alone though, with terrifying monsters lurking in the maps which need to be hunted before extraction.

Pitched as competitive multiplayer bounty hunting game, Hunt: Showdown has managed to scoop up just north of 27,000 Steam reviews with an overall score of ‘Mostly Positive’. Over the course of development, Crytek has been adding new maps, characters, boss targets (Spider, Butcher, and Assassin), AI enemies and weapons. 

The full package sounds very meaty now, comprising 57 bits of equipment, 33 weapons, and some 21 unique consumables. Players will have to scavenge and master them all to have a chance of coming out on top.

If you’ve already been playing all this time, it doesn’t sound as if the move to 1.0 adds a great deal in terms of new content. There are still two maps (Stillwater Bayou and Lawson Delta), as well as two playable modes (Bounty Hunt and Quickplay). We’d imagine after its considerable Early Access success that this isn’t the last we hear of Hunt: Showdown though, with a robust post-launch content plan now a must.

Hunt: Showdown is out now on PC and Xbox One, with a PlayStation 4 version to follow in December.