The Surge 2 combat trailer introduces 80 different limb-ripping weapons

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The Surge 2 is one of those games where there’s not much to say about it really, is there? It’s a sequel in the most faithful sense. Perhaps too faithful, looking more like an old-school expansion pack than anything which dramatically changes what’s come before. 

Still, if it ain’t broke and all that, and I’m probably doing a disservice to all of the minor changes Deck13 has put in underneath the hood of The Surge 2, not least with the combat systems. 

The problem is though, I put a good chunk of hours into The Surge and I couldn’t tell you for sure exactly what’s changed in terms of said combat. There’s a new trailer for The Surge 2 designed to answer exactly that question, yet I’m still struggling. 

The limb-ripping always was, and is, awesome though, allowing players to target specific limbs to tear off enemies which then be bolted onto your exo-rig. Based on this trailer it does appear as if Deck13 has massively expanded the possibilities afforded by this ability, including a grand total of 80 weapons to choose from. There are also some new execution moves and a directional parry system. But, it’s safe to say, The Surge 2 looks to play much the same as the original, albeit with a handful of small changes.

The Surge 2 comes to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 24th. We’re still waiting on the all-important specs, sadly, although with just over three weeks to go we can’t be too far off finding out.