Rumour: Rockstar’s ‘Bonaire’ is Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, refused rating in Australia

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Giddy up pardner, we’re heading deep into rumour valley. We’re back to Red Dead Redemption 2 again, and Rockstar’s submission for a game codenamed ‘Bonaire’ to the Australian Classification Board. Rumours have been running a little wild as to what Bonaire could be. Was it new Red Dead Online content? Could Bonaire be single-player DLC set in the Caribbean? 

Well, grab a pinch of salt Marston because noted Rockstar insider ‘Tez2’ over on Twitter has claimed ‘Bonaire’ is Rockstar’s codename for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.

As for ‘Bonaire’, well, the Australian Classification Board has been refused classification for the mysterious title, meaning whatever game it is it’s being prevented from release in Australia.

“Rockstar mysterious title called “Bonaire” is the code name for RDR2 PC,” wrote Tez2 on Twitter. “As to why it was refused classification is unknown, but I would assume it’s because of something new within the PC version as the Australian government seems to be okay with the console versions.”

The Australian Classification Board also had problems with GTA V’s ‘Rockstar Editor’ when that launched in 2015. Rockstar Editor is the in-game tool for making your own videos, which the ACB alleged could be used to “alter context” and show “repetitive depictions of violence”. Red Dead Redemption 2 looks a whole lot more lifelike than GTA V so it stands to reason it would run into similar troubles getting its own video capture tools released.

There have been a ton of rumours swirling about ‘Bonaire’ but, adhering to the trusty philosophy of Occam’s razor, this one here is the one which makes the most sense. It stands to reason that RDR2 will come to PC, so if Rockstar is trying to get a game rated it’s infinitely more likely than something wild like GTA VI or Bully 2.

What do we reckon then, is this it, the game we’ve been waiting for? If so, when do you think Red Dead 2 for PC will be officially announced?