The Outer Worlds ‘Come to Halcyon’ trailer aptly reminds us of a time before Fallout 4

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While Bethesda has been busy doubling down on the things we didn’t like about the Fallout franchise, Obsidian is all-too-happy to lean heavily the other way with The Outer Worlds. Let’s just hope they don’t fall over. It’s an RPG full of wisecracking, light-hearted humour; a collection of oddball planets where exploration is full of surprises and oddities, whether that be shrink rays or rabid mushrooms. 

The Outer Worlds is set on a collection of planets known as the Halcyon colony. Here we’ll find the Wild West-like Terra 2, the mining colonies and dangerous fauna of Monarch, and more, as shown off in a brand-spanking new trailer brought to us from the Halcyon enterprise itself.

The Halcyon colony isn’t just made for a bunch of grifters though. Halcyon is a corporate enterprise through and through, and it looks if you’ll be expected to take on all sorts of odd jobs to make ends meet. You could be an antigrav scientist experimenting with tumour-laden space pigs or a psychopathic miner with a deadly pickaxe. 

“Do you dream of working on the frontier of space? Can you pass a basic aptitude test?” writes publisher Private Division, rather optimistically. “Then Halcyon is the place for you! Prosperity and adventure awaits on Terra 2, Monarch, and other exciting locations across the Halcyon colony. The character you decide to become will determine how your story on the Halcyon colony unfolds in The Outer Worlds.”

The Outer Worlds is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 25th, 2019. It’s not quite an Epic Games Store exclusive but it may as well be, arriving on the Windows 10 Store as well (and playable through Xbox Game Pass for PC). There’s also a Nintendo Switch version scheduled for later in the year, although god knows how that’ll end up.