Historical RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is free-to-play all weekend on Steam

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I suspect a lot of you are about to have two glorious days of sitting around and relaxing as the weekend approaches. If you’re looking for something to fill up those long hours, Warhorse Studio’s excellent Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available to play for free on Steam this entire weekend.

That means from now through until September 9th at 6pm, you’ll be able to download and play KC: Deliverance for free. After the time expires you will lose access to the game though. 

It’s roughly a 40-hour game if you’re rushing through so you’d be hard-pressed to actually finish Kingdom Come: Deliverance within a single weekend but if you pull a Cartman you may just about be able to accomplish such a feat. Success does not (kingdom) come without sacrifice. 

In the likely event you fail in such a quest, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is on sale for 50% off an already reduced price. Right now in the UK that means Warhorse’s RPG is available for £12.49, although prices will obviously vary depending on which territory you’re in.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a historical, story-driven RPG set within 15th century Europe, in the Kingdom of Bohemia which would eventually become the Czech Republic. It’s proper swords not sorcery realism with plenty of immersive sim elements and complex systems at play.

GD’s very own Stuart Thomas loved the game in his KCD review, saying “there’s so much to love in KCD. It’s so close to being wonderful. The world feels rich and believable, and set-piece locations are occasionally breathtaking. The real-world setting added immeasurably to my enjoyment (full disclosure: I’m a history buff) and doesn’t suffer at all in my opinion from the lack of goblins and dragons. The costs of keeping your equipment well-maintained keep you in that struggling phase when all RPGs are at their best, before things get too easy, for an extended time. Many of my gripes have already been mercifully modded out, and despite my laundry list of complaints, the things KCD does well make my heart a-flutter.”