Dota 2’s most toxic players have all been banned for the next two decades

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Dota 2’s community forums are ablaze since Valve has implemented a gloriously hilarious ban of almost 20 years for the most toxic players in the community. Valve’s MOBA suffers from one of the most toxic communities in gaming, so much so that the sort of behaviour which has gone on has come dangerously close to being normalised.

That’s all changed overnight though, with Valve banning a seemingly a huge wave of players from its free-to-play title. Users who’ve lost a large number of conduct points through abusive comments and disruptive behaviour, both in-game and on the Steam community discussions, are now banned from playing Dota 2 until 2038. 

Players start with 10,000 conduct points and this figure rises and falls based upon toxicity, leaving games, not playing your role, etc. Once this score dips below 500, the 2018 ban kicks in.

It’s unclear just why Valve has settled on a 19-year ban but it would appear, for all intents and purposes, that the bans are permanent. 2038 is just the farthest further forward which Valve can allegedly ban for using its int32 programming system.

Valve implemented what could be Dota 2’s larger ever wave of bans on September 17th, during a ranked matchmaking update. Users have attempted to circumvent the system using smurf accounts but access is denied based upon user phone numbers linked with Steam accounts.

Right now the Steam Community discussions are ablaze like hellfire. It’s post after post of toxic players raging about their ban, all of which appear to be related to toxic behaviour and cheating. Let there be salt.

Toxic behaviour is often just treated as the norm a lot of the time in games these days so it’s certainly nice to see Valve take some decisive action and weed out the angriest of these weirdos. There’s healthy competition and then there’s just flat-out abuse; Valve has given the worst offenders enough rope to hang themselves.

What do you think then, about time these players were given the boot or is the maximum-length ban too harsh? Does F2P contribute to more toxic behaviour? Share your thoughts below!