Planet Zoo beta begins September 24, new trailer shows off beta features

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may be the beta which is gathering all the headlines right now, but there’s also a little something for those who prefer shovelling poop to scooping up cerebral matter. Planet Zoo’s beta test is a big one, running from September 24th all the way through to October 8th, although it’s exclusive to those who pre-order Planet Zoo’s Deluxe Edition. Booooooo, hissssssss, and all that.

Weirdly, Frontier has put a link in to pre-order Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition from Steam in the trailer description, but it’s actually pointing towards Half-Life. It’s a great game, we know, but it won’t actually help you get access to the beta test.

Anyway, the beta will commence on September 24th at 4pm BST and will run until 5pm BST on October 8th. It’ll be a (roughly) 10GB download and will include the Career Mode’s first scenario, Franchise Mode (includes full economy and Savannah biome but no narrative or objectives yet), the online Animal Market, and a ton of different animal and building types. There will be no Sandbox Mode in the beta and your progress won’t carry over to the final game. 

It all sounds very neato, although pre-ordering a game in order to earn the privilege to test it for them always has, and always will, suck. Quite frankly they should be paying you, not the other way around, but such is the world we’ve been duped into.

Anyway, we have also been sent a lovely new trailer for Planet Zoo. There’s a lot of Planet Coaster DNA in, including some phenomenal levels of customisation which should be an absolute joy to mess around with. Animals are picky, you see, and you’ll need to build the right enclosures to suit their personalities. If an elephant doesn’t have access to a bowling alley it will flip its lid, just like in real life.

Planet Zoo evolves into its final form on November 5th, 2019, exclusively to PC.