Techland wants to support Dying Light 2 for at least 4 years with DLC, updates and extras

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Dying Light 2 is shaping up to be one of the highlights of 2020 already, which is no mean feat in a year which will include The Last of Us 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and Final Vampire: Bloodlines 2. Techland’s had four years to improve on the already great original, but launch day won’t be the end of the journey either; the development team will be sticking with Dying Light 2 for at least four years after its launch. 

And, coming from Techland, we believe them. Dying Light was a brand new IP that did well enough commercially at launch, although not spectacularly, yet Techland stuck with it for four entire years, adding a full-blown expansion along with tons of free DLC and special events.  The development team went above and beyond in their support for Dying Light and it gives fans confidence going into Dying Light 2 that Techland will stick with it and grow the game over the next handful of years.

“Dying Light 1 was supported for 4 years after its release, and the plan for Dying Light 2 is exactly the same,” said Tymon Smektala during a chat with Prankster101. 

“We want this game to be supported after its release. We know that a lot of fans will be waiting for DLCs, updates, extra stuff they can get their hands on. And we promise to deliver them just that.”

Things are shaping up really nicely for Dying Light 2 now. Esteemed game writer Chris Avellone is on-board for narrative duties, while the open-world will benefit from around twice as many parkour moves, including dynamic elements which weren’t possible in the previous game engine. There’s also a branching storyline to consider, which in turn shapes the open world. One decision could lower the water level to reveal an underwater city, while another could end up adding zip lines all across the city. Entire enemy types can only appear depending on the choices you make.

The whole of Dying Light 2 will be playable on co-op again, of course, and Techland estimates the main story can be blasted through in about 15-20 hours but the open-world houses around 100 hours of content at launch. If it’s anything like the original then this side content should be great fun as well, although you’ll probably want to make sure you can take a buddy along for the ride.

As for the release date, Smektala has said Techland is trying hard for a Spring 2020 launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. There are no promises here but Techland has its fingers crossed it can “squeeze it out” in time.