Take-Two Interactive Mafia trademarks spark rumours of Mafia 4 and Mafia 2 Remaster

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Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Games, has filed a series of trademark registrations for the Mafia series, prompting speculation that Mafia 4 and Mafia II: Remastered announcements may not be far away.

A grand total of three trademark applications were filed on August 2nd 2019, comprising the classic Mafia logo using Aurora Bold Condensed font, the Mafia II logo with the silhouetted gangster in the ‘II’, and an all new trademark for a Mafia logo using a new font.

All three trademarks appear to have been approved and are now live. These trademark applications tend to be used either as refreshes of currently owned trademarks or, as we suspect in the case of the new logo, prior to the announcement of a new title.

The new logo is probably the most interesting of the bunch and provides a fairly strong indicator that Mafia 4 could be in the works. Mafia 3 developer Hangar 13 survive a big round of lay-offs in 2018 before opening a new studio in Brighton, England. Both studios could be working on the same game, or a different one. 

A quick glance on LinkedIn shows Hangar 13 UK has been working on an unannounced new IP since 2018, while the Californian branch has been “working on an unannounced AAA game” for around 18 months. If you’re a betting man then Mafia 4 is likely being developed Stateside.

The second bit of interest comes from the renewed Mafia 2 logo, which has sparked a few suggestions that a Mafia 2 remaster could be in the works. This would be a great way to tee up excitement for Mafia 4, particularly if the sequel heads back in time to the classic mobster era. 

We doubt the poorly received Mafia 3 will be a jumping off point for any sequel, although you never know with these things. Like most Mafia games, Mafia 3 was half of a good game, featuring a surprisingly good narrative, fantastically delivered (but rare) cut-scenes, and serviceable gunplay. They always seem to find some way to mess it up though, whether that was Mafia 2’s fundamentally empty open world of Mafia 3’s repetitive mission structure and poor performance. The original’s still great, in my mind at least, although I’d wager the past 17 years haven’t exactly been kind to it. However, tucked in there somewhere is the potential for a great franchise if given enough love and refinement.

What do you think then, is it about time we saw Mafia 4 or a Mafia 2 Remaster? Do you trust Hangar 13 to have learned from the mistakes of Mafia 3? Let us know what you think below!