Respawn announce Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, a grenade-flinging VR-exclusive

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
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Respawn has been cooking up a AAA VR experience from a beloved franchise for some time, and now we know exactly what it is. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is the first new Medal of Honor title in eight years, since 2012’s MoH: Warfighter, to be precise. 

The Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends developer has been turning its attention to one of EA’s forgotten franchises. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is a VR and Oculus exclusive set during the height of World War 2. As an Allied agent of the Office of Strategic Services, you’ll be jaunting across Europe and obliterating the Nazi war machine from inside out.

Medal of Honor is a franchise which works pretty obviously with VR, serving up first-person shooter with motion controls, catching stielhandgranate out of the air and slinging them back, or thwacking a Nazi round the back of the head with a frying pan.

It puts Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond in the enviable position of being one of the most immersive recreations of WW2 yet, utilising a comprehensive array of footage and interviews to build what Respawn are dubbing a ‘1940s time machine’. Ah, and there’ll be multiplayer thrown into the mix as well, although Respawn are still keeping schtum on the details.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is coming to Oculus Rift exclusively in 2020. It’s enjoyed the financial backing of Oculus Studios so there’s no word on when, or even if, MoH: Above and Beyond will be coming to other platforms just yet. Fingers crossed it does eventually but we’re not holding our breath.