The Last of Us Part II release date trailer is savage, welcomes back an old friend

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Yesterday evening was a great show of the contrasting forces that are Sony and Microsoft. Sony unleashed a 20-minute State of Play with a Nintendo Direct-type zippy pace, showcasing a dozen or so new game trailers, while Microsoft’s Inside Xbox, well, I went to bed after the first hour, put it that way. Sony’s was also capped off in fine style with what we’ve all been waiting for – a The Last of Us Part II release date reveal trailer.

The trailer itself was fantastic, although there’s not a whole lot in here which looks as if it’s going to win over any Last of Us detractors. Ellie’s smoking a doobie and heading off on a tale of revenge across the Pacific Northwest, revealing a sleep snowbound community, plenty of horse-riding, and then the proverbial shit hits fan once the clickers are involved. The Last of Us has always has always had a twinge of survival horror to its cinematic escapades but Naughty Dog looks to be leaning in a little heavier this time around.

Joel’s reveal right at the end of the trailer was the big sting in the tail, although there are still plenty of questions about what he’s doing Ellie’s motives are for this grisly tale of revenge. Naughty Dog loves to throw in some misdirection in its pre-release trailers though, so it’s probably not worth reading too deeply.

And last but not least, that release date. The Last of Us Part II is coming exclusively to PS4 on February 21, 2020, joining what is fast becoming an absolutely blockbuster first half of the year.