Atomic Heart’s beautiful new in-engine trailer raises more questions than answers

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Atomic Heart, that strange, beautiful looking game which appeared to drop off the face of the earth, is back. Develop Mundfish has dropped an impressive new in-engine cinematic trailer designed to off one of Atomic Heart’s key characters. He’s a scientist beavering away in the Vavilov Complex Laboratory, and we’d imagine he’s mess around with things he probably shouldn’t be messing with. These ambitious scientists, they’re all the bloody same.

A sci-fi horror at heart, much in the vein of Bioshock before it shat the bed, Atomic Heart definitely does a good trade in intrigue. This is the sort of trailer which leaves us floundering with question after question while delivering precious few answers. We do know that having a floating jellyfish blob oozing onto your hand is never a good though. Mainly we’re just waiting for the entire thing to go wrong, as it surely does.

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter set during the peak of the Soviet Union. You play as an agent who’s been sent a secretive object by the Soviet government. Could this be our mysterious translucent globule? From what we’ve seen before, this is the calm before the proverbial storm, as things are about to go very, very wrong.

Sadly, we’ve still no release date news to bring your way. Atomic Heart’s Steam page is still claiming a 2019 launch but that looks about as likely as Half-Life 3 being announced.