Nothing stop this giant moving train in Apex Legends new World’s Edge map – First trailers

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Patience has had to be preached by Respawn in the eight months since Apex Legends shadow dropped into our hearts but it looks as if that patience is about to be rewarded. 

Apex Legends Season 3 has been officially revealed, and it’s a biggie. Dubbed ‘Meltdown’, Season 3 introduces a completely new map called World’s Edge. It’s early days but it’s looking like one of the most dynamic battle royale maps we’ve ever seen; a welcome advancement that really does fit in with how we thought of battle royale prior to the gaming trend picking up steam.

Meltdown features a world of deadly molten lava pits, hot-air spewing geysers, frigid ice caps, towering skyscrapers frozen by a chemical explosion, and the centrepiece – a moving train that serves as both handy commute and a brutal battle arena. 

Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown also introduces a new Legend, Crypto, a fella who likes to stand around with his hands in his pockets and use a specialised drone to surveil and fight his enemies while he’s soaking himself in a nice warm geyser.

There’s also the new Charge Rifle to pick up, which appears to be a powerful single shot blast which can take a while to charge. Probably not the ideal weapon for roaming corridors but it could be decent when you find yourself in a pinch at mid to long range.

Finally, there’s all the usual new cosmetics and battle pass shenanigans which we’ve come to expect from battle royale games (and every online title, to be honest), all of which should be coming to Apex Legends on October 1st via a free update.