Hell Let Loose is F2P in Steam this weekend to celebrate Omaha Beach update

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Those gunning for a World War 2 shooter fix should probably be looking Black Matter and Team 17’s Hell Let Loose this weekend. In celebration of the Omaha Beach update coming to the Early Access beta, Hell Let Loose is free-to-play for the entire weekend on Steam. 

“We’re excited to bring you Update 3! It’s been absolutely huge for us – especially the mixture of different major features (who knew landing boats could be so logistically complicated?) alongside a highly iconic map and a large number of bug fixes,” wrote Max Rea, co-founder at Black Matter. 

“We see our time in Early Access as a key period in which we can iterate, expand, optimise and polish content. We’re working hard and fast to bring a balance of new content, while fixing any and all issues that you – the community – raise.”

Hell Let Loose offers up massive 50 v 50 online multiplayer featuring 14 unique roles, tons of weapons and equipment, vehicular warfare, and more. The big focus is on team play, with shifting battle lines and strategic targets which need to be taken out in order to control the battlefield.

Update 3 adds one of the most iconic encounters in World War 2 history, providing a 100-player rendition of the Omaha beach landings. This includes the addition of the new Offensive game mode. It’s exclusive the Omaha beach map and it sounds as if it’s a larger-scale version of Battlefield’s Rush mode. Players are dropped off in waves, tasked with making it up the beach, through an extensive trench network, and eventually on through to the French village behind.

Hell Let Loose is free-to-play on Steam from now through until October 14th. There’s also a small 20% discount available for those who want to keep the full version.