InWin’s new Yong ‘organic design’ custom PC cases start at an eye-watering $3999

We know some people love their PC build designs to be a little on the crazy side but InWin’s new Yong range really is taking it to another level. InWong Yong PC cases begin at an absolutely eye-watering €3,999. This isn’t just wallet-shredding; it’s taking a bunker buster to your bank account and laughing at your newfound debt.

The design of the InWin Yong cases was inspired by viewing nature, allegedly, and was born from the concept of a butterfly’s pupation stage. InWin says it has strived “to capture the organic form and showcasing the vivid detailing of each Yǒng. Thus, each piece is one-of-a-kind, accurately representing its natural counterpart.” It’s all very avant-garde, especially wants you start throwing a hulking great PSU into what is considered a work of art.

Each of the InWin Yong designs is wholly unique, using generative design to produce a one-of-a-kind ‘organic form’. There’s all sorts of bars and sliders for customers to customise how it looks and the design is then sent to InWin where the Yong is built using 3D printing technology before undergoing 13 different processes such as shaping and polishing by hand to “ensure each enclosure meets [InWin’s] visionary standards.”

At the centre of these xenomorph-y blobs sits the rig itself, although it’s on you to front up the hardware. You’ve got a lovely 360-degree view of the system although if you don’t cram a second case in there your rig will be rather exposed to the elements. 

If you’ve got €3,999+ to burn then you can find the InWin Yong range here. I’ve been having a little play around and these things can stretch up to at least €4179, perhaps beyond if I could find the right configuration. Whatever you choose, it’s well outside the realm of what it makes sense to pay for a gaming PC case unless you’re sitting in some obscene wealth. A case which costs the same as a trio of GeForce RTX 2080 Ti’s probably isn’t going to sit well with most folks. But, as a curio, these Yong cases sure are something.