Divinity: Fallen Heroes put on indefinite hold, Baldurs Gate 3 and Expeditions are priority

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Oftentimes games are delayed, and sometimes games are cancelled entirely. It’s not often we get one that’s in between though. Larian Studios has sadly announced development of the recently revealed Divinity: Fallen Heroes has been put on hold. Developer Logic Artists is hoping to get back to Divinity: Fallen Heroes one day but for now the focus is entirely on its own Expedition series, while Larian itself is busy with Baldurs Gate 3.

Divinity: Fallen Heroes was pitched as Divinity: Original Sin meets XCOM. There’s no adventuring. Instead, there was to be a hub at which all decisions would be made, a branching storyline, 30 playable units, and a total of 60 missions playable solo or cooperative. But, all of this has been put on the back-burner for now.

“It is with a profound sense of regret that today we announce Divinity: Fallen Heroes has been put on hold, as we fondly celebrate the work done so far,” writes Dominik Warkiewicz, product manager at Larian Studios. 

“We’ve been working with Logic Artists for over a year since before the announcement on March 27, 2019. Though enthused by the reception of the announcement and the energy of our fans, we have taken many things into consideration over the course of the last few months, and today we’re ready to talk about its future.”

Divinity: Fallen Heroes was originally, and very optimistically, scheduled to launch this November on PC. It’s now been put on hold indefinitely as it needs much time and resources than either Larian or Logic Artists expected.

“We value the work that everyone has put in to Fallen Heroes, and though we lament its status as of now, we all agree that there’s a great game in there that will sometime reach the players who await it.”

Reading Larian Studios’ statement, you get the impression that Divinity: Fallen Heroes will one day see the light of day. Logic Artists’ own statement sounds a whole lot more final though, suggesting they’ve perhaps moved permanently onto pastures new.

“It’s always sad to put an exciting project on hold, but sometimes the realities of development and release schedules simply assert themselves in ways that are outside anyone’s control. It’s been an incredible honour to work with Larian on their Divinity IP, and everyone at Logic Artists has been blown away by how helpful and welcoming Larian has been throughout the project,” reads Logic Artists’ statement.

“There’s no doubt we’ve learned much that will benefit our own projects in the future, and we’ll always be grateful for that experience. As our own team pivots to focus fully on the third installment of the Expeditions series and a new IP of our very own, we wish Larian the best of luck with Baldur’s Gate 3. We can’t wait to play it!”

We’ll have to put a pin in Divinity: Fallen Heroes then. It’s not all bad news though with a third Expeditions game confirmed to be development and the little matter of Baldur’s Gate 3. We’ve no release window for either yet but stay tuned.