PC exclusive Disco Elysium has arrived to red hot reviews – Launch Trailer

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Disco Elysium, the debut game from ZA/UM , is out now and it’s arrived to some absolutely stellar reviews. It’s a critically acclaimed PC exclusive to shout about, serving up open-world role-playing with literally unprecedented freedom of choice. You play as a detective using a wildly diverse range of skills, tools, and thoughts with which to investigate sprawling murder cases.

When you see the likes of Planescape: Torment being name-dropped in early reviews, you know Disco Elysium is a game you should be sitting up and taking notice of. It’s been described as offensively deep, the sort of role-playing experience which really doesn’t come along often. If you’ve been bemoaning the lack of original game ideas you really shouldn’t be skipping something like disco Elysium over.

It’s currently sitting on an average score of 91% and has been declared a PC gaming masterpiece, with praise for its writing, deep detective gameplay, thoroughly open-ended decision-making.

We should have our review with your very shortly, just as soon as Stu’s managed to fathom his way through this massive and complex detective RPG. That’s no small feat, let me tell you, and he’s been busy deducting for a couple of weeks now.

In the meantime, here’s how Disco Elysium is currently looking on OpenCritic:

Disco Elysium is out now on PC, and available DRM-free on GOG if that’s your thing, as well as the usual Steam version and all that guff. You won’t find Disco Elysium on the Epic Store though, oh no, presumably because developer ZA/UM didn’t agree to one of those newfangled forced exclusivity deals.