BlizzCon 2019 schedule revealed – Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 among 6 rumoured game reveals

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BlizzCon 2019 is shaping up to one heck of an event. I’m probably not alone in saying I haven’t looked forward to a BlizzCon this much since, well, forever. Who knew the games would end up becoming secondary entertainment at a gaming conference? 

Taking place over the weekend of November 1-2, BlizzCon 2019 is expected to play host to a flurry of Blizzard game reveals, although this could all be overshadowed by the looming storm-cloud which are the protests against Blizzard’s high-profile banning of Hearthstone player ‘blitzchung’. The ban stemmed from Blitzchung’s Hong Kong pro-democracy protest during a Hearthstone eSports tournament livestream and has been viewed by fans as cowing to the Chinese government for fear of retribution.

Because of the vociferous mood surrounding Blizzard right now, BlizzCon 2019 arguably needs to be bigger and better than ever before in order to paper over the gaping cracks.

Concerning Blizzard’s current roster of games, BlizzCon 2019 will play host to a World of Warcraft tournament, a Hearthstone tournament, StarCraft II eSports, and the Overwatch World Cup. 

In terms of new game announcements, there are no fewer than six glaring holes on the main Mythic Stage. The Opening Ceremony will kick things off on November 1st and then, from 7:30pm onwards, there is a major on-stage announcement taking place every hour for four hours. All of these slots in the BlizzCon schedule simply say “Coming Soon!” There are then a further two ‘Coming Soon’ slots on Saturday, November 2nd.

You can see the full schedule for yourself here. 

We know that Diablo 4 will almost assuredly be one of these slots. Diablo Immortal could potentially be another as well. With Diablo 4 revealed it would take the sting out of a second showcase for the mobile spin-off.

There are also rumours of a Diablo 2 Remaster, as well as the potential for Overwatch 2. We could well see Warcraft 3: Reforged onstage as well, although this isn’t a game which needs to be shrouded in secrecy at this point.

Whatever ends up getting announced, Blizzard faces an uphill battle. In our recent poll, more than half of you said you’re boycotting Blizzard and just 20% said you’re committed to buying Diablo 4.

What are your big hopes for reveals at BlizzCon 2019? Is there anything crazy you’d like to see Blizzard develop next?