Rumour: Batman: Arkham Legacy is the next game in the Batman Arkham franchise

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Reports are surfacing that the next game in the Batman Arkham series will be known as Batman: Arkham Legacy. This primarily comes via Twitter user @New_WabiSabi who has a solid track record with. They got a number of pre-E3 leaks absolutely spot-on and have also faced legal action from Nintendo for Switch-related leaks. 

It doesn’t constitute a dead cert rumour then but there’s a lot to it which makes sense. Warner Bros Montreal has been teasing something Batman-related for a while now and, after years of rumours, Batman: Arkham Legacy ties in nicely with the suggestion players will play as an older Batman, or perhaps even as a successor such as Terry McGinnis, from the Batman Beyond story arc.

There are still big questions over which studio is even developing the next Batman game. Both Warner Bros Montreal and Rocksteady have been silent for some time, and either could conceivably be developing the next title in the franchise. 

Then there are platforms to consider. A possible reason we’ve had to wait so long for an announcement is that Batman: Arkham Legacy is potentially a next-gen title, with rumours persisting Rocksteady is working on a live service type title. Launching a live service right at the tail end of a generation would be fairly futile; such a game would benefit from the longer lifespan of next-gen hardware.

If we were to hazard a guess at the reveal date for such a game, the upcoming Game Awards 2019 would seem like an apt time. 

Do you hope it’s Rocksteady working on the new Batman Arkham game, or would you prefer to seem them try their hand at something new? What direction would you take the next Batman game to inject some fresh life?

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“The combat needs to change asap. It’s boring and not challenging.”

MobyFreak –


“Batman Arkham Series are best, Never Disappointed.If they introduce Bat-Cycle and Bat-Armor that would be Awesome ”

Zeestark –