Steam Halloween, Autumn and Winter 2019 Sales dates have leaked

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If you’re just about to buy a game – stop. Take a breath and think about sales season. The dates for the next three major Steam sales have leaked, which probably makes distressing news for your wallet, but it’s lovely news for your Steam library. 

SteamDB has leaked the dates for the upcoming Steam Halloween Sale, the Steam Autumn Sale, and the big one, the Steam Winter Sale 2019.

Steam Store Sale Dates:

Steam Halloween Sale: Monday, October 28 – Friday, November 1 Autumn Sale: Tuesday, November 26 – Tuesday, December 3 Winter Sale: Thursday, December 19 – Thursday, January 2

As ever, the Steam Halloween sale should involve just about everything horror related. Judging from past experience though, pretty much every game tries to wangle its way in because it’s got a pumpkin on one level or something equally benign. This particular sale will be taking place in exactly one week’s time though, giving you a few days to get spooky in the run up to All Hallow’s Eve. 

We then only have to wait about four weeks until the Steam Autumn Sale, which is usually a pretty big one, and then there’s only a 2-week wait from then until the Steam Winter Sale.

No doubt Valve will all sorts of crazy mini games to partake in for each of these sales, most of which no one has any idea what’s even happening. We all love watching a turtle race a sheep though, so there is that.

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