Observer and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare are free to grab on the Epic Store this week

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Some mercifully brief news for you all – Observer and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare are now free to permanently add to your library on the Epic Games Store.

Observer is a Bloober Team joint so it’s the usual corridor of tricks and jump scares, this time wrapped in a cyberpunk horror vision of the future. It is, sadly, a whole lot more boring than it actually sounds, with Jon surmising it’s “not the sort of place I overly enjoyed being in. Rather than pelting headlong down the horror route, it straddles an awkward thriller line that didn’t overly entice me. At no point was I desperate to boot it up and find out what happened next.”

Still, free is free, so those dying for a sci-fi horror fix may certainly find something to enjoy tucked in here.

As for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, it’s a standalone spin-off to Alan Wake which is about 3 or 4 hours long. It’s familiar stuff for Alan Wake fans but does provide a neat insight into what were perhaps grander plans from Remedy to spin Alan Wake off into an episodic game of sorts.

Both of these are available from now through until October 24th on the Epic Games Store. Then, starting on October 24th, Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition and Qube 2 will be our next Epic Store freebies. They’ll be available for the entire week up to October 31st. Layers of Fear free for Halloween. Perfect.