Rainbow Six Siege drops the guns for a spooky ‘Doktor’s Curse’ Halloween event

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Ubisoft loves doing special events for Rainbow Six: Siege these days and they weren’t going to let Halloween come and go without something ghoulish to keep us busy. Step forward ‘Doktor’s Curse’, a time-limited special 5 v 5 event which is playable from now through until November 6th. For a limited time only, Rainbow Six Siege isn’t even a first-person shooter.

Doc’s turned into a bit of a mad man since hanging up his P90, performing all sorts of nefarious experiments in the rejigged labs of Theme Park. He’s cooked up some deadly monsters and it’s time for a band of exterminators to head in and clean this mess up. 

The Doktor’s Curse mode pits five Monsters (Defenders) versus five Exterminators (Attackers). The defenders are composed of trap-based operators (Smoke, Kapkan, Frost, Lesion, Ela), each of whom now looks as if they’ve been rotting in the ground for a few months. Each defender has has a melee attack, their trap gadget, and a special ability which allows them to remain invisible for a short period of time.

On the attacking front, each attacker comes armed with a Breaching Hammer and one of three gadgets – Jackal’s footprint track, Lion’s movement sensor, or Pulse’s cardiac sensor. Just like the defenders, none of the attackers have access to any guns whatsoever.

Doktor’s Curse is playable in Rainbow Six Siege from October 23rd to November 6th on all platforms.