Overwatch 2 to be announced at BlizzCon, introduces co-op PvE story mode

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It felt like pie in the sky stuff but ESPN, of all places, claims it’s got its hands on documentation regarding Overwatch 2. 

Blizzard typically likes to wait a heck of a long time between sequels but here we are, just over three years since Overwatch launched, talking about Overwatch 2. According to ESPN’s documents the sequel will feature co-operative PvE, new maps, modes, and heroes, justifying its existence as a full blown sequel rather than a large-scale update for Overwatch.

Development on a StarCraft first-person shooter in the Overwatch game engine was allegedly cancelled at some point and the team was reassigned to working on Overwatch 2, this time with a PvE focus.

ESPN claims a four-player story mission set in Rio de Janeiro will be showcased at BlizzCon 2019 this weekend. There will be a significant focus on story and narrative elements, building out from those glorious cinematic trailers which were made for the PvP-only original Overwatch.

The current version of Overwatch supports Assault, Control, Escort and Hybrid game modes, while Overwatch 2 will introduce ‘Push’. We know at least one map will support Push. It’s set in Toronto but that’s it for specifics.

According to the documents, Overwatch 2 will be at BlizzCon in playable form for attendees, including demos for both the PvP and PvE game modes. It’s also expected at least one Hero will be announced during the event, while the current heroes will probably all be rolled over to the sequel.

The full BlizzCon 2019 schedule hints at six new game announcements so answers on a postcard if you can guess what they all are. It needs to, really, as the shadow of its kowtowing to China is still looming. Between Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, Blizzard is coming out all guns blazing at BlizzCon 2019. There are expected to be protests at BlizzCon itself, all of which will be live-streamed for most of this weekend.