Kingdom Come: Deliverance full mod tools released, Warhorse hopes to inspire large projects

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Finally, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to up sticks and move on from Skyrim, you’ve all had your fun. There’s a new modding contender in town. Official modding tools have at long last come to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, providing players with the opportunity to get absolutely wild with their own creations.

Using the mod files, which includes custom KCD modding tools and a modified version of the CryEngine Sandbox Editor, along with a dozen or so extensions, players will be able to add just about any new features to Kingdom Come: Deliverance that they want. This includes new items, textures, 3D models, maps, NPC behaviours, quests, NPCs, audio, and modifying the very rules of the game itself.

Do you hate Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s slavish adherence to realism? Bung in a few dragons. Is Henry’s horse too slow? How about a nice Lamborghini, sir? We’re talking the PC mod scene here, so things are probably about to get a whole lot weirder than this.

Developer Warhorse Studios has said said it hopes the official tools will inspire modders to start working on larger projects based around KC:D. This is the final bit of DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance so now Warhorse is thrown it open to fans.

You can grab the official KCD mod tolls for yourself from over on NexusMods. The download contains the rare game data which can be used for setting up a local version of the game database. NexusMods also includes some limited guides and other bits and bobs to help any would-be modder get started. With official support now rolled out we’re expecting the Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod scene to get pretty wild.

Is anybody going to give modding KCD a shot? What mods would you like to see made? Let us know!