GeForce 441.08 driver adds ReShade, Ultra Low Latency Mode and GTX 1660 Super support

Nvidia’s latest GeForce 441.08 WHQL graphics card driver has arrived, packing plenty of exciting new improvements for just about any GeForce owner out there.

Getting the officialities out of the way for a moment, the primary goal of this driver is support for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB GPU, which launched yesterday. The GTX 1660 Super is a $229 graphics card which trades punches with the GTX 1660 Ti and the 441.08 driver includes official support and performance optimisations for those picking up Nvidia’s latest.

But, most of us aren’t picking up a GTX 1660 Super. For us, this graphics card driver also adds the rumoured support for ReShade Filters, Image Sharpening, and an Ultra Low Latency G-Sync + V-Sync feature.

We delved into the benefits of official ReShade support earlier this week, the full details of which can be read here. In a nutshell, these are post-processing effects which are all the rage these days, albeit in an official capacity now, which should make implementing them and tweaking them much easier. These include vibrancy tweaks, bump mapping, colour filters, lens modes, film grains, bloom effects, chromatic aberration, SMAA, fog, ambient lighting, screen space reflections, ambient occlusion, and more.

At launch, ReShade filters can be applied to more than 650 games using Freestyle mode in the GeForce Experience overlay, as well as through the Ansel capture tool for those looking to take artsy screenshots.

The enhanced support for Nvidia Ultra Low Latency (NULL) also stands to benefit G-Sync monitor users. This queues frames just in time for the GPU to begin rendering, reducing latency and eliminating tearing. Low Latency Mode has been kicking around for some time but it’s now supported on G-Sync displays.

And the GeForce 441.08 driver’s final big feature is improved image sharpening. This feature allows users to fine-tune the level of sharpness on a game. Using this tool in GeForce Experience, users can apply one-click global image sharpening to games, or they image sharpening filter can be adjusted on per-game profiles if you want to get specific. 

The list of G-Sync supported monitors has also been swelled by seven new additions:

Acer CG437K P Acer VG272U P Acer VG272X AOC 27G2G4 Asus XG279Q Dell AW2720HF Lenovo Y27Q-20

And that’s about it for this graphics card driver which is available to download right now, either directly from Nvidia or through your current GeForce Experience installation.