Soma and Costume Quest are this week’s Epic Games Store freebies

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Toot toot, it’s free games time. This week’s additions are a little late for Halloween though, despite being well-suited to the globe’s favourite haunted holiday. One of them, Costume Quest, is a game literally about dressing up and going out trick or treating for Halloween.

Anyway, you’ve probably guessed it already but we’re talking about yet another Epic Games Store game giveaway. This time it’s Soma and Costume Quest which can be permanently added to your Epic Store library free of charge. You’ve got until November 7th to take advantage of the offer.

Last week it was Layers of Fear which was free but Soma is assuredly the vastly superior horror game of the two. If you haven’t had the (dis)pleasure of playing Soma yet then it is a frankly unmissable sci-fi horror experience which manages to pack plenty of narrative punches. Getting it for free seems like a solid deal to us, although you will have to sell your soul to the Epic Games Store. 

The other is Costume Quest, a fairly quaint little RPG from Double Fine which doesn’t have much wow factor but is certainly an enjoyable ride for what it is. You’re basically exploring a little suburban township during Halloween, doing trick or treat and generally just making a nuisance of yourself. It’s short, sweet, and it costs nothing. 

Next up in the hopper are Nuclear Throne and Ruiner, both of which will be available to add to your library from November 7th. I’m not overly familiar with Nuclear Throne, to be honest, but Ruiner certainly wasn’t my cup of tea. It’s a top-down twin-stick shooter which sadly really doesn’t do enough to distinguish itself from the crowd. Still, there’s no harm in checking it out for free.