Take a look at the opening 10-minutes of Terminator: Resistance, new shooter out this month

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We’ve had a lot of Terminator tie-ins over the years, most of them not good. The source material hasn’t exactly been strong as of late though, what with a string of god-awful movies. The newly release Terminator: Dark Fate actually seems to be getting a decent-ish reception though, so Reef and Teyon’s upcoming Terminator: Resistance first-person shooter probably couldn’t have been better timed.

With just a few days to go until launch, Reef has dropped a combat trailer for Terminator: Resistance as well as a second, longer, gameplay demonstration showing off the first 10 minutes of the game. In case you missed the announcement, it’s set during the ‘Future War’ which was briefly shown in Terminator and T2: Judgment Day, depicting humanity’s final grim stand in the war against the machines.

It’s all very 2008 but to be honest, and at the risk of damning with faint praise, it doesn’t actually look as bad as you’d expect it to. The person playing it probably needs a little bit of practice but the core of the game seems decently solid for a single-player first-person shooter. There are obviously a lot of questions marks over gameplay variety when stretched out over the course of an entire campaign but it’s definitely a step up and above from their Rambo game which came out in 2014.

There’s something funny going on with Terminator: Resistance’s release date but it looks as if it’ll be available on PC globally from November 15th. There is a separate release date of December 10th in North America but this is probably related to shipping physical console copies.

Terminator: Resistance is actually a fairly demanding game specs-wise so be sure to check out the official system requirements for Terminator: Salvation if you’re thinking of giving it a shot. In particular, Terminator demands some pretty beefy graphics cards to get running at a decent frame rate.