Up For Debate – What did you buy because the hype train was too tempting?

Games are big business. They can get oodles of advertising with massive marketing budgets to spread the word and get us gamers all juiced up and ready to buy. They normally want us to pre-order their games way before anyone has managed to tell us that they are actually trash or buggy, so they can bank a chunk of money before the game is even released.

So that got me thinking, I often get aboard the hype train and find myself hovering my finger over the buy this right now button. Only to stop at the last minute, realising I dont really want to play a techno boyfriend simulator that lets me ride goats around a VR amusement park, while strumming a plastic toy guitar…or whatever it is that is the latest craze. Actually that does sound quite fun and its NOW ONLY 4.5 of your hard earned currency tokens!!! BUY BUY BUY.

Another culprit of this is the Kickstarter fad. Where someone would put a tonne of effort into setting up a kickstarter campaign to lure us into thinking we could have our most desireably dream turn to reality if we just chucked a few buckeroons their way.

Me? Well I did it with Playstation VR that came bundled with Skyrim VR at a crazy good price, during a Black Friday deal. I played it twice. Sure its great I suppose, but I dont really care for it. And I dropped a tonne of cash on the whole set up despite believing it was a bargain bargain BARGAIN!

Now let me put this to you my GD fellows, its confessions time and hopefully it will make us all feel a little better knowing we’re not alone in our hype stupidity. What have you ever bought because its marketing was too tempting, only to think afterwards, ahh crap…I didnt want that.