Microsoft reveals Everwild, the new IP from Rare – First trailer

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Tucked away in Microsoft’s X019 Xbox special event was the unveiling of a brand new title from the maestros at Rare. While a ton of the British-based studio will no doubt be beavering away on more content for Sea of Thieves, a second team has announced the mysterious ‘Everwild’.

Now, I’m  going to have to be honest here, I’ve got no idea what Everwild is at this stage. Watching the trailer, I can’t even begin to guess at the gameplay systems at play here. At a push, it looks like some sort of stealth adventure game, and one in which you can perhaps mind control animals. Who knows, but it looks gorgeous, we know that for sure. Rare has long had the artistic talent and they’ve reached their zenith here. It’s impressively close to how we’d imagine a 3D iteration of Ori and the Blind Forest would look.

Anyway, the trailer is well worth feasting your eyes on even, even if the specifics are still lost on us.

We know very little about Everwild and we know even less about its release date. Don’t get too hyped too soon, this one looks as if it’s a good couple of years away yet.