Halo Reach PC Closed Beta Test Starts in a Few Weeks, Invites to be Sent Out Shortly

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Halo: Reach
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UPDATE: Following a painfully long delay, Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s first PC test is expected to begin next week.

The first beta test will be focused on the remastered version of Halo: Reach, the first of the Halo games to come to PC throughout 2019. Unfortunately, only a limited number of Halo Insiders who signed up to be part of the beta test will be invited to participate. Needless to say, if you did sign up two months ago, keep a close eye on your inbox.

“We’re starting more modestly because we’ve got quite a few levers to pull and we want to ensure our delivery pipeline runs smoothly, our communications are clear, and that participants can properly provide their feedback on the build,” said 343 Industry’s John Junyszek.

“We need to take our time to ensure we’re sending out a quality flight to our Halo Insiders,” he continued, intimating that we’re during the finalised beta build of Halo Reach for testers. It seems a little bit odd, really, when it’s the beta testers themselves who can highlight potential kinks, but it should be with us soon enough.

Original Story: 05-Apr-2019 – Halo Reach PC Closed Beta Test Starts in a Few Weeks, Invites to be Sent Out Shortly

Halo Reach’s PC beta test looks as if it’s going to kick off imminently. I’ve just received an email from Halo Waypoint saying “Welcome Aboard” to the Halo Insider program, claiming the first test ‘flights’ for Halo Reach will begin in a matter of weeks.

The early version of Halo Reach for testing will, naturally, contain a few bugs and some incomplete features. They’re designed to help 343 Industries test specific features and modes while giving players a chance to go hands-on with that Halo-y goodness.

“In general, flights will start small and expand over time,” says 343 Industries. “This helps the team ensure the build holds up and offers a worthwhile hands-on experience for those participating. However, this means not all Halo Insiders will be selected to participate in every flight. We know everyone is extremely eager and excited to jump in and get hands-on – please be patient and know that we are grateful for your support and will do our best to get as many Insiders into flights as we can over time.”

If you’ve already registered your interest in the Halo Insider program then you’ll need to make sure your profile’s updated with all the relevant info and then just hope you’re picked. This includes platforms, PC specs, familiarity with the Halo series, and other bits and bobs. They do ask for quite a lot of info though, and it takes about five minutes or so to fill the details in.

Should you be selected, 343 will get in touch via email and let you know when and where you can play Halo Reach. The first tests will start in a couple of weeks’ time so keep an eye on your inboxes.

You can still sign up to become a Halo Insider over here.